//Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Uses

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Uses

Stainless steel mesh is probably the most commonly used woven mesh in the commercial world, it’s so familiar with its strength and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel wire mesh also contains iron and chromium besides steel. Type 316 is a special alloy because of the addition of molybdenum to increase its conductivity. It is extremely durable and resists scratches and dents.

Best stainless steel wire mesh

Some stainless steel mesh is extremely strong but others are not. They are made from either galvanized or anodized steel which are known to rust when exposed to oxygen. Another stainless steel mesh used on ships is the aluminum foil mesh. It is called fiberglass mesh because it looks like fiberglass material. These mesh fabrics are generally used by construction industries in marine applications. The most commonly used types of stainless steel mesh in industrial applications are steel mesh, copper mesh, nylon mesh, and wire mesh. This article will be discussing the different types of mesh available to you and why you might want to use them in your industrial applications.

Stainless steel mesh is one of the best types of industrial mesh available. These meshes are durable, easy to work with and are fairly inexpensive. They can withstand chemicals and even abrasive elements. This type of mesh can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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