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Dr. -Ing. Friedrich P. Porsche usually referred to as Dr. Porsche, is an automotive designer and businessman from Munich, Germany. He was one of the leading proponents of the revolutionary internal combustion engine. He founded his own firm, Porsche, and was the company’s first head engineer. In order to manufacture an innovative car, he developed a new design language that would soon become known as the Porsche Design Language.


Although the company has changed hands many times over, Dr. Porsche himself is still the leader. He and his company remain committed to producing high-quality automobiles that are recognized as being among the best in the world. They have continued to develop innovations and improvements to their vehicles over the years. They are very dedicated to improving the products and service for their customers.

The success of Porsche is due to its consistent efforts in research and development. This is also reflected in the quality of its vehicles. These vehicles are renowned for their performance and style. Many people have commented that they were able to take their dreams of owning a Porsche into reality. With its unique design, a Porsche is able to perform at its best and to provide its owner with a comfortable, exciting and efficient vehicle. No matter what model of Porsche you may choose to drive, you are guaranteed to have a vehicle that is of the highest quality.